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Blood Disorders


Cardiovascular Disorders

Chronic Illness

Cogenital Anomalies

Communication Disorders

Digestive Disorders

Ear, Nose and Throat

Endocine Disorders

Eye Disorders

Food and Water Borne

Genetic Disorders

Genitourinary Disorders

Gynecologic Disorders

Immune Disorders

Infectious Diseases

Mental Haelth Disorders

Neurological Disorders

Nutrition and Metabolism Disorders

Rare Disorders

Respiratory Disorders

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Skin Disorders

Sleep Disorders

Wounds and Injuries

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Biomet Subsidiary Settles Medicare Fraud Claims

"Health is Wealth", thus goes an adage. But it is also a truth that none of us can have a lifetime without a spell of some health problem or the other - you call it disease or deteriorating health condition. Hence, the most practical and best possible step we humans can take is to understand the various health conditions and diseases, its causes and cures, and guard oneself against a possible attack round-the-clock. But, in case, even after taking the precautions, if the defense gets breached, don't waste time in availing the best medical attention available.

The last point heralds much importance because most of the times, complications borne out of illnesses are caused not due to the nature of the diseases alone, but mainly due to one's own negligence in understanding the seriousness of the condition and hence letting it build until the discomforts becomes too much for the patient to bear. In other words, the biggest mistake is to take things to the anvil before seeking medical assistance. Remember, medicine is a specialized domain, and ordinary mortals, with their common sense or fractured knowledge, cannot gauge a medical condition in its real dimension. Only a medical specialist could perform a diagnosis convincingly, and it is to such a person that one needs to rush to than making one's own conclusions and self treating in a worse case scenario.

After all, here, one's life is at stake. Not any silly thing to experiment or play with!

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