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Lawsuit seeks compensation for injuries caused by defective hernia mesh products


In June 2014, the law firm of Keller, Fishback & Jackson LLP filed a lawsuit in California Superior Court on behalf of multiple individuals injured by surgical mesh products used in hernia repair.

Hernia mesh, typically made of a plastic known as polypropylene, often presents serious complications to unsuspecting patients. Manufacturers do not adequately warn patients, or even physicians, about the risk of long-term complications, including inguinodynia, inflammation, granuloma formation, pain during sex, foreign body reaction, and mesh migration and erosion.

As polypropylene is not inert in the human body, the mesh can contract up to 50% after being implanted, causing nerve entrapment and severe pain.

One particularly debilitating side effect is inguinodynia, or chronic groin pain. This condition results from nerves in the groin region coming into contact with mesh, after its degradation and deformation in the body following implantation, and from the body’s persistent and permanent foreign body reaction to the mesh. It has been reported that hernia repair with mesh results in an extraordinary high rate of inguinodynia—in some reports approaching 50%.

In the complaint filed by Keller, Fishback & Jackson LLP, the plaintiffs assert a number of claims against the manufacturers of surgical mesh, including strict product liability, negligence, and fraud. The plaintiffs allege that the mesh products at issue were never approved as safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration. Instead, the mesh products were simply "cleared" for marketing under the so-called "510(k) process," which merely requires that the manufacturer claim that a new device is "substantially equivalent" to another legally marketed device.

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